Chestnut Cake


4 eggs

100gram flour

100gram sugar

4 spoon of melted butter

2 spoon vanilla sugar

200gram chestnuts

1/2 cup cream

50 gram powdered sugar



– Beat the eggs and sugar together in a bowl

– Add melted butter, vanilla sugar and flour

– Set it on a cake form and put it into oven


– Blend the cream and smashed chestnuts together.

– One bowl with less chestnuts to cover over the cake.



Divide the cake into two and put the cream with a lot of chestnuts in middle

Use the other to cover the cake and put decoration on top.



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Gele Magi

Gele Magi

There are a new Jelly in the grocery stores in our city, maybe other have seen it for a    long time ago in other countries.

You can make 2 different color with different taste at the same time.  Before I have tried doing that with normal jelly and it takes a whole day to wait the first layer to become solid, so I can put the other colors jelly over it.

When I made it for the first time I did not understand how I can put two layers of jelly together, but they wont blend. But as the package name says, its like magic!

There are two package of different kind of jelly powder and one of them will sink to the bottom without blending with the other one together.

And the tastes is different from the normal ones we can buy at stores. It’s showing strawberry and tropical for the one on my picture. But I loved the other one with pear and something I forgot.

I will defiantly buy it again!

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Strawberry Rolling Cake


5 eggs

200 gram sugar

100 gram potato flour

200 gram all purpose flour

1 spoon baking soda

15 -20 strawberry

– Beat eggs and sugar together in a big bow

– Add potato flour + all purpose flou

– Add baking powder and mix it together

– Spread out on two oven plate

– Set oven to 250 and it will be done within 20minutte

– Smear cream on the cake and spread the cutted strawberry over, DONE!

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